Amerborgh International N.V. is a management company that specialises in, among other things, investing and acquiring stakes in companies, asset management, cross-media expenditure, hotel operations and property development. The company is also involved in activities related to the arts and culture.

The shares are held by the delegated Managing Director of Amerborgh International N.V., Alex Mulder, who is the founder of the USG People N.V. He has led USG People for almost 35 years, up until 2006 as its President and CEO. From 2006 up to 2016 he was a member of the supervisory board of USG People until Recruit took over USG People.

Amerborgh’s activities can be divided into three categories:


Amervast invests in property projects and real estate


Amerart is active in the area of the arts and culture


Amervest focuses on the other investments