• Appical

    Appical is an app to onboard new employees in a fast and interactive way. Users will discover the company, colleagues and culture via augmented reality, games and assignments. In the train, at home or waiting in line at the supermarket. Employees can learn where and wherever they want, using their own mobile device. www.appical.net
  • Camarilla

    Camarilla is a new app which introduces a new social medium alongside apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat. The Camarilla app allows you to share photos and updates with up to 15 people. Responses within the group are one-to-one, which means others cannot read them. The other members are likewise not visible to others. This makes it easy to maintain interaction with people you are close to.
  • Cloudtract

    Cloudtract is a free, safe and easy to use online contract management solution for companies of all sizes. It simplifies contract management into one platform where companies can store contracts and set alerts so they will never forget to cancel or renegotiate a contract.
  • Domaine Cocagne

    Hôtel & Résidence Domaine Cocagne is a medium-sized boutique hotel located between Cannes and Nice in the south of France. The hotel is situated in quiet surroundings, a few kilometres from the sea, in the foothills of the Provence.
  • Hillgate Properties

    Hillgate Properties is active in property development projects involving housing, offices and industrial buildings, and hotels. The Hilton Hotel The Hague and the Hyatt Place Schiphol Airport are examples of its projects.
  • IHMG

    International Hotel Management Group B.V. is an organization based in the Netherlands that has the hotel chains Pillows Hotels and Sandton Hotels. The unique hotels are housed in characteristic buildings on special locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and France.
  • MT MediaGroep

    MT MediaGroep is the cross-media publisher of the business/entrepreneurs magazines Management Team and Sprout. In addition, over the past years MT MediaGroep has become an expert in the field of content marketing.
  • Ohpen

    Ohpen has developed a fully integrated, innovative hosting solution that enables financial institutions to manage their investment funds and savings administration in the best possible way without having to worry about IT and software development.
  • ProMobility

    ProMobility is a local leasing company that provides individual, tailored leasing solutions for companies, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises. The focus is on providing tailored solutions with the maximum degree of flexibility.