Amerpodia (Compagnietheater, Felix Meritis, De Nieuwe Liefde en Rode Hoed)

Amerpodia connects, programs and facilitates four cultural houses in the heart of Amsterdam. The Rode HoedFelix MeritisDe Nieuwe Liefde and the Compagnietheater each have their own identity and a different role. Together these houses want to make a substantial contribution to the cultural and social life of Amsterdam and far beyond. With an inspiring public program. But also with excellent facilities for events. By opening the doors for the business market, these venues find the necessary financial space to grow into leading cultural houses.


In the former bullet factory at the North Sea Canal in Zaandam, will open for the public, phased as from 2019 Het HEM, the new house for art and culture with a temporary and unique art and culture program. After this period the bullet factory will be renovates and be rebuild and will the definitive interpretation, including a hotel and catering function, get shape.


Lustr organises, produces, promotes and develops festivals, cultural events and programmes. The focus is on engaging as wide an audience as possible in an accessible and inviting manner. The ‘formats’ range from Klassiek in de kroeg, St Matthew Passion for children and Dit is geen dagboek, to the annual Hofvijverconcert at the Festival Classique in The Hague, which is broadcast on television by the AVRO.


Moondocs develops and produces documentaries, director’s films, contract films, art films and TV series. Our approach is one of broad cultural and social engagement. Our core values are quality and diversity, in terms of both content and design.
Moondocs has an impressive track record of productions that have won national and international awards.

New Productions/Soldaat van Oranje

New Productions holds the rights to and stakes in theatre productions (such as the musical Soldaat van Oranje). Soldaat van Oranje – de Musical premiered in October 2010 and has since broken the record for the longest running musical.

Streets of the World

In the Streets of the World project, photo journalist Jeroen Swolfs is documenting the street life in each of the world’s 205 capital cities. This is a photography project that stands outs not only because of its scope, but also in terms of the photographer’s realistic perspective and his eye for the global citizen.

Vrije Academie

The Vrije Academie is a national cultural institute and is active in providing adult education in art & culture. The program of the Vrije Academie contains a lot of art history and has been expanded over the last years to philosophy, history, music history, photography and architacture.