• About art

    About Art makes it easy to choose and buy art. Uniquely, the mobile About Art application enables to see and judge how specific artworks fit within your own interior. This tool makes the choosing proces to buy art a lot simpler. www.aboutart.nl
  • Lustr

    Lustr organises, produces, promotes and develops festivals, cultural events and programmes. The focus is on engaging as wide an audience as possible in an accessible and inviting manner. The ‘formats’ range from Klassiek in de kroeg, St Matthew Passion for children and Dit is geen dagboek, to the annual Hofvijverconcert at the Festival Classique in The Hague, which is broadcast on television by the AVRO.
  • Moondocs

    Moondocs develops and produces documentaries, director’s films, contract films, art films and TV series. Our approach is one of broad cultural and social engagement. Our core values are quality and diversity, in terms of both content and design.
    Moondocs has an impressive track record of productions that have won national and international awards.
  • New Productions/Soldaat van Oranje

    New Productions holds the rights to and stakes in theatre productions (such as the musical Soldaat van Oranje). Soldaat van Oranje – de Musical premiered in October 2010 and has since broken the record for the longest running musical.
  • Rode Hoed

    Behind the facades of three stately and centuries-old canal houses on Keizersgracht is the largest clandestine church in the Netherlands. In recent years de Rode Hoed has developed to become an independent cultural debating centre with a broad programme, in which weekly church services are still held as well. Together with six smaller rooms, this clandestine church makes de Rode Hoed an ideal venue for gatherings of various kinds. www.rodehoed.nl
  • Streets of the World

    In the Streets of the World project, photo journalist Jeroen Swolfs is documenting the street life in each of the world’s 205 capital cities. This is a photography project that stands outs not only because of its scope, but also in terms of the photographer’s realistic perspective and his eye for the global citizen.
  • The Next

    The Next is a concept that provides a stage where talented young people can present themselves. It is a multidisciplinary venue for ‘next generation’ global art & culture, life style and life; a prestigious meeting place rooted in daily life and the cultural experience of a wide audience in Amsterdam and abroad.